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Homemade Russian Breads:
Hoska (Braided Sweet Bread),
Kulich (Easter Bread),
Makovy Roulet (Poppy Seed Rolls),
Babka (Sweet Cheese Bread),
Tea Ring,

Vishnovaya Babka
(Cherry Bread),
Shokoladnaya Babka
(Chocolate Bread),
Raisin Cinnamon Bread
(Rye Bread),
Karavai (Large Loaf Bread).

Authentic Russian Tea Room with Antique Samovar.

Traditional Russian Foods Old Favorites and Some New Items to Try:
Kolbasa (Sausage),
(Stuffed Cabbage),
Holushki (Fried Noodles with onion),
Kasha (Buckwheat),
Kuritsa Kotlety
(Chicken Patties),
(Shish Kabob),
Beef Stroganov,

(Hot Dogs), Kapusta (Sauerkraut),
Salad iz Kapusty
(Cabbage Salad),
Zelenaya Fasol
(Green Beans),
(Beet Soup),
(Stuffed Crepes),
Kartofelnye Oladi (Potato Pancakes).

Foods are available for carryout, too.

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Gift Items

Russian Religious Items, Icons, Lacquer ware, Lomonosov china, and collectibles such as porcelain faced dolls dressed in Russian costumes, hand carved Santa's and a wonderful collection of colorful hand painted Christmas tree ornaments including figures and church domes and many other unique items.

Demonstrations of Russian Lace Making

Demonstrations of Pisanki Making


Demonstrations of Russian Lace Making

Great LIVE Entertainment

Washington Balalaika Society
The Beltway Balalaikas Ensemble
Romashka Dance Ensemble
Kalinka Russian Dance Ensemble
Samovar (Russian folk music ensemble)
And much, much more...!


Glossary of Bread and Food Terms

Term Definition
Babka Round bread made from buttery sweet dough
Vishnovaya Babka Cherry Babka

Shokoladnaya Babka

Chocolate Babka
Hoska Long loaf with braids on top
Kulich Tall mushroom-shaped Easter bread
Makovy Roulet A delicate roll filled with poppyseeds
Rzhanoy Hleb Russian rye bread
Karavai Round presentation bread
Rectangular Bread This is not traditional either. In response to popular demand, we make some rectangular loaves. This is not a traditional Russian shape, but slices fit in toasters.

Term Definition
Kolbasa Russian pork sausage
Holupky Cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef and rice. North of the Volga River this is likely to be called Galuptsi.
Holushky Noodles with cabbage
Kuritsa Kotlety Chicken patties
Goviazhii Kotlety Beef patties
Vareniky Dumplings filled with sweetened farmers cheese or mashed potatoes. These are the same as Polish Pirogies.
Shashlyk Pork cubes on a stick
Zapechonnaia Riba Salmon in puff pastry
Govyadina na Grille Pit beef
Hot Dogs Hot dogs. The Russian word is "sosiski", but we just call them hot dogs.
Kapustaa Cabbage
Salad iz Kapusty Cabbage salad
Zelenaya Fasol Green beans cooked our special way
Borsch Beet soup. In Russian, there is no "t" at the end of the word borsch.
Blini Thin pancake, similar to the French crêpe. Made to order as you wait.
Blinchky Blini filled generously with ground beef, ham & cheese, eggs & chives, or sweet cream cheese. Made to order as you wait.
Kartofelnye Oladi Potato pancakes served with sour cream
Kasha Kasha is one of Russia’s oldest and most traditional dishes. Kasha is usually boiled buckwheat, but can also be other cooked grains -- barley, millet, rice, or cornmeal. There is no one way to cook kasha. Ours is buckwheat cooked with butter, onions, mushrooms, chicken broth.

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