Russian Festival Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church

Takeout only

Safe curbside pickup

1723 East Fairmount Avenue,
Baltimore, MD 21231

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Order by the previous Wednesday each week ! Supplies are limited this year

Different menu each Saturday!

October 3: (a) shashlik and rice; (b) beef stroganoff and noodles.

October 10: (a) shashlik and rice; (b) chicken kotlety with kasha; (c) kolbasa with sauerkraut.

October 17: (a) shashlik and rice; (b) blinchiki (various fillings); (c) kolbasa with sauerkraut.

October 24: (a) shashlik and rice; (b) pelmeni; (c) beef stroganoff and noodles.

Artisan bread, borsch, assorted desserts, and imported gifts - each Saturday.

Feel free to check out our books, icons, Russian nesting dolls, Christmas ornaments and lacquer boxes collections.


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